Alam Lohar

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Alam Lohar

  1. Died: July 3, 1979, Punjab, Pakistan


(Urduمحمد عالم لوہار‎, Punjabiਆਲਮ ਲੋਹਾਰ; 1928 – 3 July 1979) was a prominent Punjabi folk music singer from the Punjab region of Pakistan, formerly British India.[1] He is credited with creating and popularising the musical term Jugni.[2]

was born in 1928 in Achh, in LalamusaKharian TehsilGujrat District of Punjab, British India. He was born into a family of blacksmiths. As a child, Lohar read Sufiana Kalaam, a collection of Punjabi stories and poetry and started singing from a childhood age. His family and children now live all around the world with most of his children in the UK.[3][4]

developed a new style of singing called the Punjabi Vaar, an epic or folk tale which made him popular when he toured villages and towns in the Punjab region. He is famous for his rendition of Waris Shah‘s Heeralong with other songs such as Saif ul Maluk.

He recorded his first album at the age of 13 and throughout his career he accomplished 15 Gold Disc LP’s (record sales) for the following with mainly EMI/HMV Pakistan and other regional companies within Pakistan: Jugni (1965), Saif ul Mulook (1948), Qissa Yusuf Zulaykha (1961), Bol Mitti de Bawa (1964), Dilwala Dukhra (1975), Wajan Mariyan Bulaya (1977), Qissa Mirza Sahiban (1967), Qissa Hirni (1963), Maa Da Pyaar (1971), Heer (1969), Qissa Sassi Pannu (1972), Qissa Baraa Maa (1974), Jis Din Mera Vayaah (1973), Qissa Dhulla Bhatti (1959), Mirza De Maa (1968) .[1]

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